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Young man of 25 from the happy Sørlandet. Lives for myself in Mandal, and works as a fire constable here and thrives very much.

Passionate about everything called outdoor life. The summer is characterized by a lot of different things in fishing. Everything from dry fly fishing for trout to deep sea fishing at sea. But the top of fishing is clearly trout on dry.

Also does a lot of hunting, especially bird hunting. Replaced the shotgun with a camera a few years ago, and I really enjoy this. But a day or two with guns never fails either! After the bird hunt, there will also be a lot of hunting or deer, deer and elk. Both sneak hunting and with a dog.

I am very surprised by the glasses from Tonic. I myself have never tried such sharp glasses before. I use mine for everything from fish spotting to grouse hunting, and could not do without them!

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