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As a red-haired and pale-faced angler, I do not always love the sun, and the sun definitely does not love me! I do not know how many times I have been grilled and burnt dark red. But my eyes are also pretty unenthusiastic about the sun. In bright light without sunglasses, there is a lot of wheezing, which means that you quickly get a headache, and get tired both physically and mentally. None of the parts are compatible with sport fishing, where you should be as attentive as when driving a car at night through Østerdalen after the elk cow has chased away last year’s calves.

I have tried countless pairs of sunglasses up through a long sport fishing life, but hardly anything comes up against Tonic. These are hi-end sunglasses that meet all the requirements of an angler. Down solid without being bulky, comfortable to carry through long days, scratch-resistant glass that can withstand a proper blow (it can save your sight if the big fish loosens two meters from the top of the rod and a heavy artificial bait with huge hooks comes flying through the air) and you pay for the item you actually get, and not for a jealous design brand signed heavy names from the fashion world. But they look FAT, and that’s never wrong. So fat that even his wife started nagging about a couple!

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