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Tonic Eyewear Europe

By making a lens that contains four colors, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the user will enjoy real eye protection without losing the color perception. A decentralized lens allows the user to look straight ahead, up and down and also peripherally without experiencing optical distortion.

Each pair of sunglasses comes attractively packaged and is backed by a 12 month new for old warranty.

All frames – a choice of shiny black or turtle – are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and are light and durable.

In addition, the new glass lenses are a lighter weight and come in a choice of gray or photochromic (darker automatically according to light conditions) and copper. There is also a polycarbonate lens version in gray or copper.


Never before has there been a polarized glass lens like this.

SliceLens from Tonic are the most technically advanced, lightest, thinnest glass lenses we have ever produced.

With the latest Japanese glass lens technology, SliceLens provides completely distortion-free vision with precise depth and distance, as well as unsurpassed clarity.

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