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My name is Jørn Svindland and I was born and raised in Stavanger. In his youth, snowboarding and skating were on the agenda. Recently I was introduced to surfing which immediately took up all my time, where I have participated in the Surfeland team in the NC and EC. Has 4th place as best place in NM. I am currently on the SrfSnoSk8 team and have been for a few years already. Another passion is fly fishing, primarily for salmon, but also trout. In the summer months I live in the river and in the winter along the Jær coast and the search for the waves.

In the river, I mostly use the Photocromic copper lens for sightfishing because it is perfect for spotting fish and is completely raw in bad weather. And we have a lot of that. On sunny days, Blue mirror is my goto glasses both in my free time and along the coast. Long days need good protection.

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