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My name is Martin Bie-Erichsen also known as Nordic Game Hunter on instagram. Born in 1990 and raised in Bærum. Is a passionate trout fisherman and an above average zealous hunter. I am a trained prison officer, and currently live and work in Ålesund.

Has used Shimmer in both gray and green. I am super happy with the fit of the shimmer. It lets in little light from the sides and creates spotting conditions well. Also used Torquay in photochromic copper. The idea with the Torquay glasses was to use them for mountain hikes and in everyday life. But the photochromic copper has proven to be the best choice for freshwater fishing in my eyes. Can highly recommend the Shimmer, then combined with photochromic copper if you are looking for trout in Norwegian conditions!

Instagram: @nordic_game_hunter

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