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My name is Mona, I live in Stavanger and am an active kiter on Jæren. When I was introduced to kiting in 2007, a whole new world opened up for me. I met a passion and a society I had not been familiar with before. Kiting has made it easy for me to travel and get to know people, and I have learned an incredible amount about myself and my own boundaries – and how I can push those boundaries.

Everyday I have a fairly ordinary office job. The days I know it is windy and good conditions, tingling and itching all over my body, and I can hardly wait until I get out to sea! I’m out in all kinds of weather – by the sea in the summer and on the mountains in the winter. I notice the need for glasses that take care of my eyes. Tonic Mirror Blue lenses are perfect to use on the beach! They let through a pleasant light, so I do not have to squint with my eyes, and end up with a headache after a long day in the sun.

Instagram: Monamaii

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